What have we done during #RHoK 2012 in #PortoAlegre?

Summary! Attendance: Saturday Dec 1st. Number of Teams: 2 (13 attendees) Number of Problems Presented: 4 Number of Solutions: 2 Media Links: Daniel Wildt blog and Jorge Audy blog Solutions! 1. Let’s Help It – Thank You Notifications Contact: Daniel Wildt Related Problem: Building an app to help people to find NGOs and engage with them.Continue a ler “What have we done during #RHoK 2012 in #PortoAlegre?”

Agile Transition. PMBOK knowledge areas and how values, principles and agile practices play together

I did this presentation first in portuguese for the Agile PMI Community of Pratice, and lots of people asked me to play again in english! So here it is. We talked today about PMBOK knowledge areas and how those relate with a team working with agile values, principles and practices. Focus on people management, costs,Continue a ler “Agile Transition. PMBOK knowledge areas and how values, principles and agile practices play together”

Having some fun! Games for iPhone

Playing games using an iPhone is something I do when reading or sleeping are not options. Great for flying time. So here are games I’m playing lately using my iPhone. These are paid games, but satisfaction is guaranteed. Capcom Arcade: Classic games like Final Fight, 1942, 1943, Street Fighter II and variations. NBA Jam: great NBAContinue a ler “Having some fun! Games for iPhone”

NoSummit Porto Alegre – Delivering networking and entrepreneurship value

Getting a community together during a saturday afternoon. Sunny afternoon. How easy is that? Not easy, but we can always find people interested in learning, teaching and sharing ideas about entrepreneurship. We did all this with NoSummit, a self-organizing event that happened during September 22nd, in cities around Brazil. But wait… why are you writing inContinue a ler “NoSummit Porto Alegre – Delivering networking and entrepreneurship value”

Desktop notifications, don’t do that!

Wow, great new feature from Google! You can now enable desktop notifications even using the web browser! That will help you 100 times more to be… interrupted! That’s a bad thing! If you use GTalk embedded in a browser window as I like to use, here’s a tip to avoid enabling these desktop notifications. IContinue a ler “Desktop notifications, don’t do that!”

How technology evolves in a team?

Dilbert is always nice. On Oct 17th 2011, the comic strip was about building a 5-year technology plan for the CEO. How is technology evolving in your team nowadays? What triggers new technology to be selected for a proof of concept, for some sort of research or even for an internal project? Here are someContinue a ler “How technology evolves in a team?”

uMov.me – 1 year after public launch

Since May of 2009 I’m playing as CIO / CTO for Trevisan Tecnologia, a mobile development company located in the south of Brazil. My mission here is to create a new culture and help grow the company teams to enable the creation of new products. When I say culture I mean creating a Learning cultureContinue a ler “uMov.me – 1 year after public launch”

en: Card, Conversation, Confirmation (a.k.a 3C’s)

Index cards are a great way to keep track of new ideas for a software product. The good thing about them is because they are limited. You can’t get all information into one. And that’s a really good thing. Trust me. Back in 2003 when I started learning eXtreme Programming, I’ve heard of a storyContinue a ler “en: Card, Conversation, Confirmation (a.k.a 3C’s)”

en: The Lean Startup Experience

I saw an infographic @pinterest asking if we are getting into another “dot com” bubble. That infographic was built by Udemy, great job. I agree with that, and I believe we have better tools and techniques today to help companies to play in startup mode. One of the things we surely need to focus onContinue a ler “en: The Lean Startup Experience”