What you do when you are done?

Maybe nothing? Some people want to understand exactly what’s next. They can’t procrastinate. They need to be productive busy. They have an updated todo list. They don’t have the last one because none of it was checked done, so they built a new fresh one to establish proper priority. 😛 What about some time toContinue a ler “What you do when you are done?”

Proaction Cafe

Think about a way to bring people together and make them able to help, co-create and grow projects. I thought about different approaches, small groups, time management and different sorts of dynamics. But when I found proaction cafe something clicked. A powerful connection, people eager to help and get help, people filled with abundance andContinue a ler “Proaction Cafe”

Everybody wants to rule the world. But why?

So I was watching a lecture from Steve Wozniak and during the lecture he was talking that above your abilities and your capabilities, you need to have a desire, you need to want something. I’m thinking about me creating something. When building Apple, they were looking for ways to empower people. Not to have powerContinue a ler “Everybody wants to rule the world. But why?”