Muddling up life goals… please don’t.

I will do whatever comes up. Can you think about that? But how is the sound of letting anything set your focus to who knows where? I believe doing nothing is more difficult than doing anything. Can you take responsibility and do nothing for a day, a week, a month? When I’m saying do nothing,Continue a ler “Muddling up life goals… please don’t.”

Numbers to improve my life – Podcasts

The number is 38! Back in July 19th 2017, I have started an channel. I’ve first heard of anchor by Gary Vaynerchuk and it was “love at first publish“. 😀 So far (Jan 2nd 2019) I’ve published 38 episodes! I just press Rec and start talking. No edition (sometimes a backtrack). It’s a 100%Continue a ler “Numbers to improve my life – Podcasts”

Remember where it all started

I love stories that can remind me where it all started. I remember that about my basketball dreams, the first time I’ve played the piano, first time I wrote some poetry, first time I’ve done a presentation, first time playing drums, first time playing as a band, first company, and I’m thankful for all theContinue a ler “Remember where it all started”