Personal Maps to understand your current state. And maybe think about some goals?

So personal maps are ways to understand what are we focusing at this moment. You can think about things that describe you and things that can tell what you are trying to achieve. You can share goals and standards. Here are two examples of sections you can use in your personal map.

Happiness is about being complete in ourselves and appreciative?

I’m in silence most of the times. Observing. Lots of times I just nod about something. You can see a face, some sort of a look. In most of those specific times, I’m 100% happy about me. But… when I’m like that, some people say I’m unhappy. They say I’m sad, because I’m not talkingContinue a ler “Happiness is about being complete in ourselves and appreciative?”

Understand current active cues you have. Drop the ones killing you.

I get off balance sometimes during my day. I’m off balance because I lost myself in me. Always when I’m trying to solve things that aren’t in my control. Often times is hard to get back on track. A mix of feelings… frustrated, lost, angry, lonely, sad… lots of stuff happening at the same time.Continue a ler “Understand current active cues you have. Drop the ones killing you.”

Simplicity confuses people 

I’ve reading Gary Vee about this today. The email was from Dec 20th 2021, but the simplicity message is close to me as far as 2003 when I read something about: Simplicity–the art of maximizing the amount of work not done–is essential. — The Agile Manifesto This was mind blowing as I was learning aboutContinue a ler “Simplicity confuses people “