en: Mixing Tomatoes with Songs? That’s a SongDoro!

Quer ver esta história em português? Siga por este post então: Songdoro! Ganhe tempo ouvindo música! You may be aware of the pomodoro technique, a simple time management tool where you run short cycles on “full focus mode” during 25 minutes, rest 5 minutes and then you run again another cycle. After four cycles, youContinue a ler “en: Mixing Tomatoes with Songs? That’s a SongDoro!”

en: Introduction to Test Driven Development

So, I have done one presentation about Test Driven Development yesterday, touching TDD concepts and also lots of concepts about Behavior Driven Development (BDD). There are simple concepts about the test first process. You have to write a test that fails, write code to make the test pass and then refactor your code. Keep theContinue a ler “en: Introduction to Test Driven Development”