Sometimes, I don’t know what to do with my helper self

I do a lot of stuff daily. Most of the things I do are related to practice something, make something happen and help someone or a team.

So, what exactly I don’t know about my “helper self”?

In my case, it’s a decision about the vision about me, and people I would like to help / support.

Who really needs my help? How can I serve them?

There are people I believe can get my help to enhance their skills. In other cases, I help people to become operators of their own businesses. I see myself sometimes as a mediator between real world and this future state world.

There are people I would love to help, but they don’t think they need.
They are living in a Dunning–Kruger effect world.

I believe I need to continue focused on people that recognize my value. Also, I need to keep sharing my thoughts while growing my community.

— Daniel Wildt

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