Understand current active cues you have. Drop the ones killing you.

I get off balance sometimes during my day. I’m off balance because I lost myself in me. Always when I’m trying to solve things that aren’t in my control.

Often times is hard to get back on track. A mix of feelings… frustrated, lost, angry, lonely, sad… lots of stuff happening at the same time.

All because I lose myself starting from this simple cue.

I need to understand my current active cues and figure how can I live with them. But in this specific case, this is killing me on a daily basis. I’m losing myself. I will need something bigger to bring me back. I surrender, I quit. I need help.

Who am I trying to be? I don’t know.
There’s something I can’t figure out.
Hope I get this before I die inside.
I can only see shadows, can’t see love.
I miss you, love.

— Daniel Wildt

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