The bump, or understand you may be close to a truly great finding. Keep going!

What is your creation process? How is your flow?

I was checking a video from Jack Conte, Patreon CEO, where he was talking about his creation process. I see myself a lot in that situation. Somewhat like a continuous little failures process.

I always have more than one project going on because lots of times I need space to think. I use other projects to “create space”. That separation keeps me thinking about the problem while I focus on something else.

That separation gets me out of the autopilot mode too.

When I ideate/prototype/test I’m expecting to expand the project map. New findings will unfold. And those findings may just be what I need to keep moving forward with my project. Sometimes it’s just another little failure, but still it’s new knowledge or at least places where I don’t need to go anymore.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: the video that started this post, from Jack Conte.

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