What have we done during #RHoK 2012 in #PortoAlegre?


Attendance: Saturday Dec 1st.
Number of Teams: 2 (13 attendees)
Number of Problems Presented: 4
Number of Solutions: 2
Media Links: Daniel Wildt blog and Jorge Audy blog


1. Let’s Help It – Thank You Notifications

  • Contact: Daniel Wildt
  • Related Problem: Building an app to help people to find NGOs and engage with them. How to improve engagement?
  • Solution Description: We are adding a new functionality inside Let’s Help It NGO management, where NGO managers will be able to send “thank you cards” for people who is helping the NGO.
  • Code: https://github.com/thoughtworks/letshelp.it

2. CEA (Vila Pinto) Website

  • Contact: Glauber Dutra Ramos and Rafael Lisboa
  • Related Problem: This project is the website for Vila Pinto, one of the most needing area in Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil.
  • Solution Description: They have a lot of initiatives to make their lifes better and one of their ideas is the Reclycling Center, what help a lot of families get money and help the local comunity to fight against the drug dealers and social injustice. You can figure out more information about Vila Pinto and the Reclycling Center watching a video from YouTube.
  • Code: https://github.com/thoughtworks/vila-pinto-website

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