NoSummit Porto Alegre – Delivering networking and entrepreneurship value

Getting a community together during a saturday afternoon. Sunny afternoon. How easy is that? Not easy, but we can always find people interested in learning, teaching and sharing ideas about entrepreneurship. We did all this with NoSummit, a self-organizing event that happened during September 22nd, in cities around Brazil.

But wait… why are you writing in English, about an event from Porto Alegre? Well, we did most of the event talking in English! Thanks to Max Lincoln from ThoughtWorks NY office, who helped to organize the event, we were able to practice English during our afternoon!

Actually I must give a big “clap clap” time to Mario Areias, MaxPaulo Caroli and ThoughtWorks Brazil. TW is always there to help the community to get together and deliver great networking time.

I sent this tweet after finishing the event. It was a great time, with our people discussing different aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation, agile, building products and services, understanding startups and lean startup concepts.

In the end, some people asked for references. So I will leave here some places to continue the conversation:

Here are some other pictures.

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3 opiniões sobre “NoSummit Porto Alegre – Delivering networking and entrepreneurship value

  1. Hey Daniel! I’m sorry i couldn’t go. I spent the weekend with a huge back pain, and didn’t even got out of the house saturday. 😦

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